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Unlocking Potential

in Heavy Oil and Oilsands
In the expansive heavy oil and oilsands regions of Alberta and Saskatchewan, untold potential lies beneath the surface. At ASSIST Energy Solutions, we are committed to unlocking this potential through innovative recovery technologies that challenge conventional limitations. This overview delves into the rich resources of these regions, the current challenges in recovery, the vast untapped reserves considered unrecoverable with traditional methods, and how our proprietary Allen MAXPROD™ Thermal Technology is setting new benchmarks for economic and environmental recovery efficiency. Join us as we explore the landscape of opportunity that ASSIST is transforming through advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Regional Focus

Alberta and Saskatchewan Heavy Oil Regions
Spanning over 12,000 km², these regions are rich with tens of billions of barrels of heavy oil. Photography: Aerial views of vast landscapes showing the expansiveness of the oil fields, or a map highlighting these regions with data points of oil reserves.

Current Recovery Challenges

Limitations of Cold Heavy Oil Recovery
Traditional methods achieve only 5% to 10% recovery from reservoirs less than 5 meters thick. Photography: Close-up shots of viscous heavy oil extraction or industrial imagery of traditional extraction methods in operation.

Unrecoverable Reserves

Stranded Oilsands Bitumen
Hundreds of billions of barrels are considered unrecoverable with current technologies due to challenging conditions. Photography: Dramatic landscapes of oilsands areas or conceptual images symbolizing 'stranded' themes like abandoned equipment.

Innovative Recovery with Allen MAXPROD™

Transforming Recovery Rates
Our governance structure is designed to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability. The diverse expertise of our board and management team ensures that ASSIST is well-positioned to lead in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

A Future of Enhanced Recovery

Promises increased yield and new opportunities in previously challenging reservoirs. Photography: Sunrise scenes over oil fields symbolizing new beginnings or diverse teams collaborating over digital displays.
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ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization.
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