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At ASSIST Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to advancing the field of enhanced oil recovery. With a strong foundation backed by industry leaders like Delta CleanTech and Thermal Recovery Technologies, our mission is to unlock the potential of heavy oil and bitumen reserves previously deemed unrecoverable. Join us on our journey to innovation and excellence.

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    ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization. ASSIST’S product consists of a direct contact steam generator and methods for operating non-thermal oil wells in high temperature service.

    The EOR Process includes production and injection of steam and gases into an oil reservoir during an injection cycle followed by a production cycle. The process has been named the Submerged Combustion Vaporizer or “SCV”. ASSIST’s plan is to offer contract reservoir stimulation services to the oil industry on a fee-for- service basis. Studies suggest that the SCV EOR Process is expected to recover increased oil from existing wells for approx. $15 - $20/barrel.

    Allen MAXPROD™

    Revolutionizing thermal recovery with a unique horizontal well design for maximum production efficiency.
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    Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG)

    Our portable steam generator uses advanced technology to enhance recovery rates dramatically.
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    SCV EOR Process

    Tailored solutions for steam and gas injection that optimize reservoir exploitation.
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    Comprehensive Services

    for Every Need
    From initial assessments to full-field implementation, our services cover every aspect of oil recovery. Highlighting our case study on the Alberta oil fields, discover how our technologies and expertise lead to unmatched efficiency and sustainability.
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    Consultation and Project Planning

    • Plan Your Project with Precision
    • Connect with our experts for customized project planning that harnesses innovative technologies for optimal results.

    Field Implementation and Management

    • Implement with Excellence
    • Deploy our Allen MAXPROD™ and DCSG technologies with full-scale management and installation services. Ensure efficient and safe operations.

    Training and Support

    • Empower Your Team
    • Equip your staff with the skills needed to master our technologies. Take advantage of our comprehensive training and ongoing support.

    Technological Upgrades and Optimization

    • Stay Ahead with Innovations
    • Continuously improve with the latest in technology upgrades and optimization, ensuring your systems are at the cutting edge.

    Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Services

    • Achieve Sustainability in Operations
    • Meet your environmental goals with our expert compliance and sustainability services. Reduce your ecological footprint while enhancing recovery efficiency.

    Sustainability Commitment

    Our Pledge to the Planet
    Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We pride ourselves on reducing environmental impact through innovative technologies like DCSG, which minimizes water use and emissions. Our commitment extends beyond compliance, aiming to set new standards in ecological responsibility.
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    Catch up on the latest advancements and insights in oil recovery. Our news section keeps you informed about industry trends, upcoming technologies, and our ongoing projects.

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    ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization.
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