Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG)

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At ASSIST Energy Solutions, we recognize the critical challenges and limitations faced by traditional recovery methods in extracting heavy oil and bitumen from thin and stranded reservoirs. Our Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) technology represents a pivotal advancement in thermal recovery, enabling significantly improved recovery rates and efficiency.



The Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) by ASSIST is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the recovery of heavy oil and bitumen. This technology operates by injecting high-quality steam, nitrogen (N2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) directly into the wells, utilizing a unique process that integrates the following components:

  • High-Pressure Reactor: Raw water is injected into a high-pressure vessel, where it is heated by combustion gasses produced by a special burner, creating a potent mixture of steam, N2, and CO2.
  • Efficient Heat Transfer: The steam and gas mixture is injected via tubing into our proprietary Allen MAXPROD™ thermal horizontal wells. The steam effectively reduces the viscosity of heavy hydrocarbons, enhancing the oil’s flow rate and recoverability.
  • Environmental and Operational Efficiency: Our DCSG technology is engineered to utilize untreated produced water and recycled steam condensate, preventing scaling and fouling common in traditional methods. This not only optimizes recovery but also significantly reduces water and energy consumption.


  • Increased Recovery Rates: By enhancing the heat transfer and fluid mobility within the reservoir, DCSG can increase hydrocarbon production recovery by up to 300% compared to conventional methods.
  • Environmental Compliance: Designed with sustainability in mind, the DCSG system reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, aligning with global environmental standards and reducing the ecological footprint of recovery operations.
  • Flexibility and Portability: The modular design of the DCSG allows for easy transportation and installation across various operational sites, providing a versatile solution adaptable to different field conditions.

Field Application

And Impact
Our field applications demonstrate the transformative potential of the DCSG in a real-world setting. Implemented in several fields across Alberta, the technology has proven its effectiveness in boosting production while maintaining strict environmental compliance. Its design facilitates rapid deployment and operational flexibility, making it an ideal choice for enhancing production in diverse geological settings.

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ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization.
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